Jenna Glassock, Esq.

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Jenna Glassock, Esq.


I am dedicated to helping your family avoid the painful experience I had with a poorly planned estate.

Hopefully, you don't have a lot of personal experience with the probate system. Unfortunately, I do. When my mom passed away, she left only a handwritten will detailing her wishes. Because she had not put her assets in a trust, the family she left behind was forced to go to the probate court to divide her estate. For various (not uncommon) reasons, this process took over seven years and tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees, drawing out an already terrible loss. This experience inspired me to start this firm, to make sure that as many families as possible are spared that painful experience by helping people take a little time now to save a lot of heartache later. 

We live complicated lives, and the assets we accumulate reflect that. If we're lucky, we acquire bank accounts, retirement accounts, real property, business interests, and more. We develop relationships with others (spouses, children, family, friends) whom we want to protect and provide for, both during our lives and after. I'm here to help give you the comfort of knowing that both you and your family are protected now and into the future. 




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