Jenna Glassock, Esq.


Transparent. Upfront. Specific.


I believe that transparent pricing is integral to a trusting attorney-client partnership.

To be the best partner for your family's will, trust, and estate needs, it's important that the lines of communication are always open. I feel that constantly watching the clock gets in the way developing this trusting and collaborative relationship. As such, I offer flexible pricing and payment plans tailored to your specific needs, including flat fees for most projects. I will always discuss pricing with you, in detail, in advance. 

Estate planning and trust administration services are typically a flat rate, with the exact fee dependent on your particular needs. Probate representation fees are set by statute and are paid from the estate itself, rather than by you. The statutory fee schedule can be found here.

For more information, feel free to fill out the contact form below or call or email me directly, and I would be happy to discuss further. 



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