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Thank Goodness - National Make-A-Will Month Is Finally Here!

Doesn't it sometimes feel like we get sucked into the grind and begin to view life as increments between one holiday and the next? We go on vacation "from Christmas to New Year's" or we only wear white "between Memorial Day and Labor Day" or "I just need to hunker down at work until National Make-A-Will Month." Well, stress no more, dear friends, August (or "National Make-A-Will Month" as it is more commonly known) has finally arrived.

While everyone celebrates this momentous occasion in their own way, I feel a particular responsibility - as a professional will-maker - to be a role model to the less observant among us. For those of you who haven't celebrated National Make-A-Will Month in the past but are trying to bring more tradition into your lives, may I suggest the following: 

Step 1: Call me. 

Step 2: We'll make a will for you. 

Step 2-a: Or, we'll make a trust for you. In celebration of NMAW Month, I'll even throw in a will for free!*

Step 3: Celebrate your accomplishment by having a traditional NMAW beverage: a Will-sky Sour (see what I did there?). 

It really couldn't be easier to observe this most important of holidays. Might I suggest honoring NMAW Month on August 4 when you can pair it with - and I know I don't need to tell you this - National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Or kill two birds with one stone and give it to a loved one as a gift, thus also celebrating Romance Awareness Month (also August)? Don't worry though if you can't fit it in August, though; we can take care of it next month during National Preparedness Month.

I'm not here to judge how you celebrate, just to encourage you to do so. 

*That's a joke. A full, trust-based estate plan always includes a will. 

Jenna Glassock